About the brand

Since the act of communication was realised, information has been the most granular resource exchanged to drive trade. Until the mid-20th century, we never really had an efficient way of capturing information. Then the computer arrived.

A period of financialisation saw money becoming the foundational form of capital. Today a new form of capital surpasses the influence of money: information-as-data, data-as-capital and capital-as-information.

In an age now driven by the production of digital information the web has become an over-complex and messy place, with misinformation omnipresent. Digital Anthroconomy is the research brand reporting on select technology markets and topics with an understandable and uniquely human perspective – with an aim to narrow the spectrum of technical understanding for more accessible insights that cut through the hype of “emerging” technologies: with simplicity, digestibility, minimalism and an educational arm.

The content brand began through the expansive lens of a single question : “what is the economic value of data?”.

“The resource that capitalism seeks to prioritise today is collective intelligence creatively distributed throughout the entirety of the population”

Yann Mouiler Boutang – 2012


Minimalism – Creativity – Education – Trust

Key Influences

Adam Smith – Carol Corrado – Charles Hulten – Daniel Sichel – Dianne Coyle – Eric Posner – Glen Weyl – Jaron Lanier – Jathan Sadowski – Jodi Dean – Joseph Stiglitz – Kaisa Snellman – Karl Marx – Maria Savona – Nick O’Donovan – Nick Srnicek – Richard Barras – Robert Lusch – Stephen Vargo – Walter Powell – Yann Mouiler Boutang