What is Digital Anthroconomy?

A content brand founded on three questions.

What is the economic value of data as a form of capital?

Should information be considered a form of capital?

How has the dynamism of information changed over time?

These founding questions have set the lens, started the story, and, written the culture for what has evolved into a passion, profession and obsession with technically-minded storytelling – where capitalism crosses creativity.

“The resource that capitalism seeks to prioritise today is collective intelligence creatively distributed throughout the entirety of the population”

Yann Mouiler Boutang – Cognitive capitalism (2012)


Minimalism – Creativity – Education – Trust

Key Influences

Adam Smith – Carol Corrado – Charles Hulten – Daniel Sichel – Dianne Coyle – Eric Posner – Glen Weyl – Jaron Lanier – Jathan Sadowski – Jodi Dean – Joseph Stiglitz – Kaisa Snellman – Karl Marx – Maria Savona – Nick O’Donovan – Nick Srnicek – Richard Barras – Robert Lusch – Stephen Vargo – Walter Powell – Yann Mouiler Boutang